Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do POOPOOPAPER products smell bad?

By far the number one question we get!  We pleased to advise that POOPOOPAPER products do not smell badly!  POOPOOPAPER has a neutral odour just like any other paper you have in your home.  What's more - the poo we process doesn't have much a smell at all since it is sun-dried, washed, rinsed, washed again and boiled well before we ever process it.  The poo itself when collected doesn't really have an offensive smell to it either (unlike human poo) since the variety of poo comes from animals that don't consume meats, eggs, fish, dairy products or other foods which really cause human or animal poo to stink.

Q2. Is POOPOOPAPER™ really made from poop?

It sure is - not just any poo though.  We use the undigested fibers from poo that comes from animals like elephants, cows and horses and which has passed through the animals digestive system and remained intact.

Q3. How many different types of POOPOOPAPER™ do you produce?

We make several different varieties of POOPOOPAPER:  Elephant POOPOOPAPER; Cow POOPOOPAPER; Horse POOPOOPAPER; Donkey POOPOOPAPER; Panda POOPOOPAPER and Moose POOPOOPAPER.  We have also made custom batches of dung paper from sheep poo, rhinosaurus poo and we're currently gearing up and looking forward to making a special batch of pulp from tortoise poo which will ultimately be made into paper products which will help support the world's largest giant tortoise research project on Aldabra Atoll which is the world's last remaining reptile dominated ecosystem.

Q4. Where do you produce POOPOOPAPER™ ?

POOPOOPAPER is made in Thailand where a plentiful supply of a variety of types of poo are available and where there's a long tradition of papermaking.

Q5. Is POOPOOPAPER™ really eco-friendly and more sustainable than paper made from wood pulp?

Our products and our process are clearly eco-friendly and sustainable.  POOPOOPAPER is made from non-wood pulp waste materials.  This means that no trees are harvested in order to make the pulp that POOPOOPAPER is made from.  We use excess waste material, specifically poo, that is an abundantly available and we make our pulp from that material.  POOPOOPAPER also does not use any chemicals in our production process.   No bleach.  No chlorine.  These chemicals are used to make virtually all wood-pulp based papers that are predominant in the market today...even the recycled paper varieties.  We also color our papers and print any graphics using soy-based inks.

Q6. I have a special project and I'm looking to use POOPOOPAPER™ - can you help me with my project?

We'd love to hear from you so email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  We have worked on literally hundreds of custom projects over the years.

Q7.  We had some friends who were in Thailand and visited a place called Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park.  Is that related to you?

It absolutely is!  Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park is our very own sustainable outdoor museum park located in Chiang Mai, Thailand whose purpose is to explain the incredible process used to make POOPOOPAPER and POOPOOPAPER products.  There's a self-guided interpretive tour which will also outline the history of paper from its origins in Egypt and China and its spread throughout the world and visitors can also participate in the papermaking process, browse the world's largest gift shop dedicated to things made out of poo and relax at our cafe.  Check out !

Q8. I'm getting married - do you make invitations or sell paper so I can make my own invitations?

The best option that we can offer in this situation is for you to purchase our Blank Invitation sets.  This is a set of ten blank invitation cards and matching envelopes which you can print on your own in any laser or inkjet printer.  Click the link above and check out the sample images of what you can create.  These are pretty popular and a quick and easy way to help you add some a memorable and green accent to your wedding.

Q9. Do you have birthday, bar/bat mitzvah and/ or party invitations...I want to use your POOPOOPAPER™ for invitations - any suggestions?

Same thing...the best option that we can offer in this situation is for you to purchase our Blank Invitation sets.  This is a set of ten blank invitation cards and matching envelopes which you can print on your own in any laser or inkjet printer.  Click the link above and check out the sample images of what you can create.

Q10. Do you adhere to fair trade principles?  Are your product certified with the Fair Trade Organization (FTO)?

We adhere and in many cases exceed fair trade principles. We pay decent wages, provide social security contributions into the government-backed retirement savings plan, unemployment insurance plan as well as comprehensive health care coverage. We also are pleased to be able to offer interest-free loans to our staff if requested and offer optional subsidized housing on a first-come-first-serve basis. Many of our staff have been with us since the founding of our company and new employees are typically referrals from existing staff. 

Our company has been audited on-site and certified by Social Accountability International's SA8000 standard which is a global standard-setting non-profit human rights organization dedicated to improving work places and communities and is based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Convention on the Rights of the Child and various International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions.  Our products have not been submitted to the FTO nor are certified by that organization primarily due the the required $1000 annual fee that the FTO would require from us every year to maintain their certification and the fact that FTO certification does not require an on-site audit and inspection for approval.  We also hold the position that the FTO requirement for complete disclosure of confidential business information is excessive and intrusive.  That being said, we acknowledge that FTO has a value for many types of companies that are not the actual manufacturer of the products they sell, unlike us.

Q11. I want to purchase some POOPOOPAPER from the web long will it take for my products to arrive?

Continental USA: 3-5 business days from the date your order is confirmed. 
                           (Alaska, Hawaii: 7-10 business days)
Canada: 5-12 business days (some items only 3-7 business days)
Rest of World: 10-15 business days in most cases.

Q12. Do you offer next day or two-day expedited air courier service with FedEx, UPS or USPS?

We can ship express or expedited.  Email us for a quote once you know what you wish to purchase.  Make sure you let us know where you are located.

Q13.  If I want to talk to someone at POOPOOPAPER™ who do I call?

Call us at 1-877-766-7661.


Q14.  How many different kinds of products do you have?

We sell dozens of different styles of journals, notebooks, note pads and sketch books.  Our journals are perfect bound, wire/ coil bound and using hand stitched twine binding methods.  We craft doodle pads, scratch pads, note boxes, note cards and other stationery such as greeting cards, invitation and notecards.  We also make photo albums, picture and photo frames, bookmarks, holiday and christmas ornaments, bouquets of paper flowers/ roses, sheets and envelopes.  We have dozens of different artwork designs that we decorate these items with using either our handmade papers or our machine milled papers.  All POOPOOPAPER items make fantastic, unique, green gifts for him or for her and are truly memorable and meaningful.



Elephants, cows, horses and the other fiber eating herbivores that we focus on have incredible appetites but pretty inefficient digestive systems.  Elephants can eat upwards of 250kg per day of fiber-filled meals and much of that passes through their systems largely in tact leaving plenty of fiber from which we make our pulp mixtures. (Read more)


What started as the Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company Limited focused on crafting paper products made from solely elephant poo has now evolved (or devolved) into Alternative Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. producing all sorts of paper products from a variety of waste fiber materials active in the paper, printing, packaging and consumer products industries. (Coming Soon)


Poop, poo, dung, doo, pies, patties - whatever you want to call it - has been used for millenia in so many useful ways: as a fuel; as a building material; as an insect repellant. POOPOOPAPER™ products simply continue a long time tradition by using poop as the base for our unique pulp mixtures. (Coming Soon)


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Contrary to popular belief – no, we did not just fall into this!  It actually started more idealistically - as a belief that we could create products that would represent a healthy and sustainable balance between ecological responsibility AND commercial pursuit.  Yeah – we know – koombaya! 

Allow us to elaborate… in fact, pull up a stool…

POOPOOPAPER™ products are natural, recycled and odorless (!) paper products made from poop from a variety of different fiber-eating vegetarian animals such as elephants, cows, horses, moose, pandas, and donkeys.  That right!  Go figure!

Here’s the scoop:  these fiber-eating animals eat lots of grass and vegetation everyday and they poop almost as much.  Since the digestive systems of these specific animals don’t really break down the vegetation all that well, their poop has plenty of fiber even after their meal is consumed.  Knowing that fibers are the base material used in making pulp for paper production (albeit tree fibers typically), we figured there was a high probability that making pulp and quality paper from poop was not only achievable but that the case for poop as an alternative fiber source to tree-based pulp was a compelling one!

POOPOOPAPER™ products are playfully outrageous with a serious underlying message of sustainability.  

Today, we are pleased to be the pioneering purveyors of Elephant POOPOOPAPER™, Cow POOPOOPAPER™, Horse POOPOOPAPER™, Donkey POOPOOPAPER™, Moose POOPOOPAPER™ and Panda POOPOOPAPER™ products.  POOPOOPAPER™ products are fun, eco-friendly and inspirational and make an incredibly memorable gift that are likely to be talked about for years to come.  POOPOOPAPER™ products include journals, notepads, albums, frames, bags, stationery, greeting cards, calendars, diaries etc. in dozens of styles, colors and themes. 

Take your time to explore our site and our POOPOOPAPER WEBSTORE called ‘THE POOTIQUE’ (internally known as THE PLOP SHOP).  Read about our production process, view some of our fan mail, learn how we support worthwhile causes that share our commitment to conservation and understand how our organization is genuinely committed to fair trade principles in a direct, real, verifiable and substantial way!