Our Commitment to our Planet and our People

Our commitment to both the planet we inhabit and the people on the POOPOOPAPER team is at our core.  We believe in pursuing the middle way - where our company can balance our commercial pursuits with care for both the natural environment as well as the people and communities involved in making our products. We want to be part of the solution and not a part of the problem.

For Our Planet:

The very nature of our products exemplify our on-going efforts to utilize ecologically responsible production methods and techniques that are environmentally sustainable:

1. No trees have been cut to produce POOPOOPAPER™ papers. POOPOOPAPER™ papers are tree-free and do not integrate any wood-pulp based material to produce our papers. We use alternative waste fibers which are mixed into various pulps to produce our unique paper products.

2. We color our papers with natural inks and non-toxic and edible food coloring. 

3. All graphics and printing on our products utilize eco-friendly and natural soy-based inks only.

4. All waste papers and trimmings left over from our product assembly process is re-pulped and used to make subsequent batches of POOPOOPAPER™.

5. Our production process uses no chlorine or bleach which means that the water from our production process is not contaminated. Therefore, we can safely re-use the water from our production process for subsequent production runs and can even safely use again to irrigate nearby agricultural crops.


For Our People:

1. We operate a flex-work cottage-based manufacturing production framework in Thailand where many of the artisans (over 95% females) have the opportunity to work at home with the flexibility to also attend to their traditional household management responsibilities.  Incomes generated often enhances largely agriculture-based family incomes.

2. We arrange and provide employment to many ethnic minorities from rural villages who's families often have come from nearby Burma and have moved to Thailand to seek better economic opportunities. We often arrange work permits and sponsorship and often assist our staff through the bureaucratic maze of obtaining ID cards which is a prerequisite for access to benefits and services offered by the local government

3. We adhere and in many cases exceed fair trade principles. We pay decent wages, provide social security contributions into the government-backed retirement savings plan, unemployment insurance plan as well as comprehensive health care coverage. We also are pleased to be able to offer interest-free loans to our staff if requested and offer optional subsidized housing. Many of our staff have been with us since the founding of our company and new employees are typically referrals from existing staff.

4. Our company has been audited on-site and certified by Social Accountability International's SA8000 standard which is a global standard-setting non-profit human rights organization dedicated to improving work places and communities and is based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Convention on the Rights of the Child and various International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions.




Elephants, cows, horses and the other fiber eating herbivores that we focus on have incredible appetites but pretty inefficient digestive systems.  Elephants can eat upwards of 250kg per day of fiber-filled meals and much of that passes through their systems largely in tact leaving plenty of fiber from which we make our pulp mixtures. (Read more)


What started as the Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company Limited focused on crafting paper products made from solely elephant poo has now evolved (or devolved) into Alternative Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. producing all sorts of paper products from a variety of waste fiber materials active in the paper, printing, packaging and consumer products industries. (Coming Soon)


Poop, poo, dung, doo, pies, patties - whatever you want to call it - has been used for millenia in so many useful ways: as a fuel; as a building material; as an insect repellant. POOPOOPAPER™ products simply continue a long time tradition by using poop as the base for our unique pulp mixtures. (Coming Soon)


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Contrary to popular belief – no, we did not just fall into this!  It actually started more idealistically - as a belief that we could create products that would represent a healthy and sustainable balance between ecological responsibility AND commercial pursuit.  Yeah – we know – koombaya! 

Allow us to elaborate… in fact, pull up a stool…

POOPOOPAPER™ products are natural, recycled and odorless (!) paper products made from poop from a variety of different fiber-eating vegetarian animals such as elephants, cows, horses, moose, pandas, and donkeys.  That right!  Go figure!

Here’s the scoop:  these fiber-eating animals eat lots of grass and vegetation everyday and they poop almost as much.  Since the digestive systems of these specific animals don’t really break down the vegetation all that well, their poop has plenty of fiber even after their meal is consumed.  Knowing that fibers are the base material used in making pulp for paper production (albeit tree fibers typically), we figured there was a high probability that making pulp and quality paper from poop was not only achievable but that the case for poop as an alternative fiber source to tree-based pulp was a compelling one!

POOPOOPAPER™ products are playfully outrageous with a serious underlying message of sustainability.  

Today, we are pleased to be the pioneering purveyors of Elephant POOPOOPAPER™, Cow POOPOOPAPER™, Horse POOPOOPAPER™, Donkey POOPOOPAPER™, Moose POOPOOPAPER™ and Panda POOPOOPAPER™ products.  POOPOOPAPER™ products are fun, eco-friendly and inspirational and make an incredibly memorable gift that are likely to be talked about for years to come.  POOPOOPAPER™ products include journals, notepads, albums, frames, bags, stationery, greeting cards, calendars, diaries etc. in dozens of styles, colors and themes. 

Take your time to explore our site and our POOPOOPAPER WEBSTORE called ‘THE POOTIQUE’ (internally known as THE PLOP SHOP).  Read about our production process, view some of our fan mail, learn how we support worthwhile causes that share our commitment to conservation and understand how our organization is genuinely committed to fair trade principles in a direct, real, verifiable and substantial way!