POOPOOPAPER™ products trigger the most incredible reactions out of people.  These reactions range from shock and disgust through to utter amazement and a sense of great inspiration and hopefulness. What follows is a collection of actual emails that we received over a few day period earlier this year.  The diversity of comments you see are pretty much typical.  Needless to say we enjoy reading our emails! 


Tee hee!

  • Hannah


I live in Lake Charles, LA, about 30 miles from the Texas border. What a wonderful idea your products are based upon.

  • Pat (Lake Charles, LA)


I just discovered Poo Poo Paper at the Buffalo Zoo in Buffalo, NY this weekend. I love it! Thanks for such an "ecologically responsible" product!

  • Sarah, Project Coordinator


I just received the stationery as a birthday gift.  As a collector of over 1600 elephants, this is certainly among the most unique!!!

  • Cindi (Lakeland, FL)


Hi! I have your note cards and they are a real hit!  Also, do you know of any other product lines made from other ‘feces of species’?

  • Rita (Thousand Oaks, CA)

(PPP: Feces of Species....like that!  We produce POOPOOPAPER from all sorts of poop from different fiber eating animals.  We craft Cow, Horse, Donkey, Panda, Moose and oethr types of POOPOOPAPER products.  Check out our website!)


I wanted to drop you a quick line to tell you that we have returned to the US from Kenya and we had an incredible time.  My kids (and 2 other kids in the group who I “adopted” with poo-poo journal gifts) had a marvelous time and were able to record their thoughts, new Swahili words, annoyances about their parents, etc. in the perfect place—their elephant poo journal.  Thank you for your help in expediting the receipt of these journals so that we had them prior to our departure.  I teach at a community college where we try to teach students about the importance of work ethic and customer service, they would be well served to use you as an example.  Hope your business is going well and that you have an awesome year.  Thanks again. 

  • Lori


Being a fairly goofy fellow, I would greatly appreciate knowing what percentage poo your paper is. The greater the percentage the more impressed I am.

  • - Robert

(PPP: Get ready to be impressed!  Our POOPOOPAPER is on average 75-85% derived from animal poop fibers.  The rest of the pulp mixtures are derived from seasonably available agriculural waste fibers).


Is it safe to be by pets?  I recently purchased your POOPOOPAPER bookmark. I really love the idea, and was excited to use it. What I didn't think of was to check if it's safe to be around my pets? I understand it's boiled for several hours, but I thought I should check. If one of my pets accidentally licks, chews, bites, or eats the POOPOOPAPER is there any extra concern since it was derived from poop?

  • Laura

(PPP: not dangerous at all as far as contents is concerned since POOPOOPAPER is natural.)


I was just curious what kind of dyes you use on the poo paper and if they are natural as well?  Also, I would love to have one of the "Poo Sold Here" signs if possible.

  • Cathy

(PPP: our colors are non-toxic, food grade colors.  You can eat this.  Additionally, any artwork we print on our POOPOOPAPER products now are derived only from soy-based inks!)


I am a nurse that works with children with cancer. We are trying to do an environmentally friendly memorial (i.e. not releasing balloons). If we were to write dedications on your paper and throw in the ocean, is the paper a threat to ocean life? Thanks!

  • Diane

(PPP:  POOPOOPAPER is natural and will biodegrade.)


Just found your POOPOOPAPER!  As a teacher, I was dancing in the aisles of the store.  What great prizes for our recycling contest at school.  I am filled with a poo full of gratitude for your company.  I teach gifted students & am going to write curriculum around the concept of how our 'passed' can be our future. 

  • Pam


Do you make POOPOOPAPER towels?

  • Jeff

(PPP: nope. Not yet.  We probably could though. Not sure about how many of these we could move.  Sell us on the concept!)


Ooops!  a friend from Oregon gave me a pad of your notepaper for Christmas.  We are women of a certain age, and I thought it was put-in-your-purse-and-take-along-type of gift.  Well, it is as beautiful as hand-made paper, strong and durable.  Also, too, sure enough, when in a jam in a public restroom I reached into my purse, found the grocery list on your paper, and it did what I needed it to do: very absorbant!  And what a fabulous use of wasted cellulose.  Love the POOPOOPAPER note paper!  Good job!

  • Sarah


Very funny concept for a business idea! But its great, clever and so different. We love innovative people! Focus to expand selling to Japan and maybe China. They like odd merchandise.  Good Luck!

  • Ann


I just killed around 30 minutes on your site. Thanks for making such a great product!  My husband who is very introverted and lets me do all the talking, bought your card at a local store in Austin and the sentiment inside was so heartwarming. He made clear to me however that he didn't lick the envelope!

  • Vivian


I just bought a journal for my brothers birthday, he's gonna have a cow when he sees what I bought him. Awesome products and idea, keep up the poo!

  • Matty


Where are you from, anyway?  It's "poop" not "poo."  It also would sound better "We take the oop out of poop." 

  • John

(PPP: We're Canadadians John...and... no we don't know your friend Jack in Moose Jaw!  Thanks for emailing!)


This is really amazing!  I read through your web site, and I didn't see specifically that this is Fair Trade Poop.  That is to say, local people are doing this and getting paid a fair, living wage. Please clarify so that I can get my hands on some poo of my very own!

  • Gwen

(PPP: see our website about our commitment to the people who work with us in Thailand.  We think we go well beyond what the Fair Trade Organization minimum standards are.  We have a range of extraordinary benefits we offer to our team and they all have had health care coverage long before over 30 million Americans have!)


My daughter bought me one of your journals for my birthday this year & I just love it.  I have been in love with elephants since I was a little girl.  My uncle was an archaeologist in Africa and wrote for National Geographic.  He influenced me a lot.  I have well over 500 elephants of all shapes, colors & sizes in my collection.  From planters and shirts to bamboo wind chimes, earrings & slippers. Your product is absolutely wonderful.   Do you make products from any other animals PooPoo?   Thank you for taking the time to listen to me ramble.

  • Kandi


If you, as your slogan indicates " TAKE THE 'OO' OUT OF POO!™ " then aren't you actually left with "P" or "PP"?   As in pee?  I'm sooo confused!

  • Greg

(PPP: Funny man.)


I look forward to receiving the items I just bought for myself so I can give them the sniff test!   

  • Felice


Stopped dead in my tracks when I saw your POO SOLD HERE sign in the window of our local paper shop downtown!  They were just about all sold out from the holiday rush but I got the last one for my bestest garbage-geek friend!   Had to visit your website to learn more about you.  Blessings to you in 2008!

  • Jennifer


We are wondering how sanitized the products are. Do you need to wash your hands every time you touch them? I know they're boiled, but people will ask.  What can we tell them?

  • Nancy and Neal

(PPP: Our products are clean and sanitized so there's no need to wash your hands after handling our products!  You can even kiss and hug POOPOOPAPER products!)


I truly appreciate POOPOOPAPER!  I have been sharing your product with others... it's so clever and fun and good for the environment as well as for the elephants.  Love it!  Kudos to all who make it happen.  I gave a journal to a friend for her birthday recently.  At first she was turned off... ha!  Then after she learned more and read your company's story she told me that I give the best gifts!

  • Samantha


Hooray for you.  I love the fact that you are helping to conserve the great elephant.  They have always been my favorite animal, and I sometimes wonder if I were an elephant in a previous life.  My friend sent me some POOPOOPAPER and I loved it!  I plan on ordering some stationary in the near future.  Thanks for the ecologically responsible products, and for protecting these great creatures!!

  • Pam

(PPP: while we would hardly say that we are the protectors of the elephant we ceratinly try to contribute to a couple good initiatives that we hope are doing good work to ensure viable elephant populations survive in the wild (Africa) and that the captive populations sanctuary program that we support in Thailand can effectively carry out its mandate of rescuing abused elephants and giving a natural sanctuary where they can live out their lives.)


Hey guys! My name is Hailey and I think that you are doing a cool thing. I received one of your journals as a present and I think it is just really neat!  Me and my mom just about freaked out when we saw that it was made out of elephant poo!  I am really big on the environment so KEEP IT UP!!!

  • Hailey


Hello, I home-school my son who’s ten years old and recently I purchased a POOPOOPAPER journal for him to enjoy.  He is delighted with it and made an impromptu movie about it this morning, protesting the assignment I gave him and lambasting traditional paper-making methods in favor of POOPOOPAPER. I would love to share it with you but I need to either add you as a facebook friend or have a normal email address for you. Thanks for inspiring my son!  Be blessed.

  • Keely


How innovative and fascinating!  This is my first year teaching 4th grade.  We are now discussing managing Earth's resources.  I just love what I've learned about you.  What an example of thinking outside of the box!  What fun!

  • Sally


Your product just make me smile!

  • Carol (Omaha, NE)

(PPP: We love hearing this.  This is one of our key goals!)


This is really disgusting.  I love the idea of recycled paper and helping the Earth but this is just gross!

  • Evan

(PPP: One of our favorite feedback types!  Actually, the animals whose poop we use are all vegetarians.  Their poop isn't anywhere near as 'gross' as our own human poop.  They eat no stinky stuff like cheese, fish, milk, meat...just vegetation!)


Chileans love POOPOOPAPER dude!  My name is Antonia.  I’m from Chile and I’m 13 years old.  I`m writing to congratulate you on the excellent idea of recycling elephant poo. Global warming is getting to a serious point and we need to save trees. My parents visited San Diego zoo one week ago and they brought me some AWESOME stuff (a notebook!).  It`s just so cool! I also have some ideas: you could maybe recycle some other animal poo.  And I would like to know how is the business going in the United States because it would be a great idea bringing your products to CHILE!  Well, these are only some ideas of a Chilean teenager. Regards and congratulations and I hope you send a poo-poo email back to me soon!

  • Antonia (Santiago, Chile)

(PPP: People of the world unite!  We love hearing feedback from all countries.  Poop - the common global fiber!)


I have some elephant poo paper, which ! absolutely love by the way! Because it is all natural, would I be able to put it in my compost pile at home?

  • Kate

(PPP: Absolutely!)


Hello my name is Jackie.  I was recently cleaning a customer’s home and on the table laid a gorgeous paper poo-quet of POOPOOPAPER roses.  Well, I picked them up and read the tag and it said it was made from elephant poo!  Now, being a Texan this is hilarious and I just have to have one for myself!  Will you ever make these out of horse or cow poop?

  • Jackie

(PPP: Cow and horse Poop roses will be available in eary 2012!)


I am enjoying your products.  I write, however, to suggest that you correct your trademarked slogan!  It should read:  "We're number one with (not 'at') number two!"  Tout your expertise, but give the elephants, cow, horses and all the others their due!

  • Bruce


Just wanted to let you know that I love your product and think that making paper out of elephant poo poo is an incredibly creative and outstanding idea! The mini-journal was one of the gifts i received for my 16th birthday, and at first I thought my parents were kidding when they said it was made out of poop!  I hope your business is doing well and I hope it continues indefinitely!  Keep up the good work!

  • Caitlin


There’s a bunch of us here sitting around this holiday simply wondering how many journals could be made from an average piece of elephant poo?

  • Keely

(PPP: Fine question!  Common questions!  The average dried and cleaned poop turd is about 30 grams.  This is enough to make pulp for one of our standard sized journals.  Fortunately, your average elephant typically poops about 200-400 lbs per day!)


My aunt recently received poo paper as a gift for Christmas.  I think it is a fabulous gift and I’m very excited to see all of your other products.  A question came up around the dinner table - if the POOPOOPAPER is accidently consumed, is it dangerous?  We are not planning to eat it, but are mostly just curious!

  • Leslie

(PPP: not dangerous at all as far as contents is concerned since it's natural but we suspect this would hurt your teeth to chew and hard on your stomach if you tried to digest.  This alone hopefully makes the likelihood of accidental consumption quite remote.)


Elephants, cows, horses and the other fiber eating herbivores that we focus on have incredible appetites but pretty inefficient digestive systems.  Elephants can eat upwards of 250kg per day of fiber-filled meals and much of that passes through their systems largely in tact leaving plenty of fiber from which we make our pulp mixtures. (Read more)


What started as the Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company Limited focused on crafting paper products made from solely elephant poo has now evolved (or devolved) into Alternative Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. producing all sorts of paper products from a variety of waste fiber materials active in the paper, printing, packaging and consumer products industries. (Coming Soon)


Poop, poo, dung, doo, pies, patties - whatever you want to call it - has been used for millenia in so many useful ways: as a fuel; as a building material; as an insect repellant. POOPOOPAPER™ products simply continue a long time tradition by using poop as the base for our unique pulp mixtures. (Coming Soon)


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Contrary to popular belief – no, we did not just fall into this!  It actually started more idealistically - as a belief that we could create products that would represent a healthy and sustainable balance between ecological responsibility AND commercial pursuit.  Yeah – we know – koombaya! 

Allow us to elaborate… in fact, pull up a stool…

POOPOOPAPER™ products are natural, recycled and odorless (!) paper products made from poop from a variety of different fiber-eating vegetarian animals such as elephants, cows, horses, moose, pandas, and donkeys.  That right!  Go figure!

Here’s the scoop:  these fiber-eating animals eat lots of grass and vegetation everyday and they poop almost as much.  Since the digestive systems of these specific animals don’t really break down the vegetation all that well, their poop has plenty of fiber even after their meal is consumed.  Knowing that fibers are the base material used in making pulp for paper production (albeit tree fibers typically), we figured there was a high probability that making pulp and quality paper from poop was not only achievable but that the case for poop as an alternative fiber source to tree-based pulp was a compelling one!

POOPOOPAPER™ products are playfully outrageous with a serious underlying message of sustainability.  

Today, we are pleased to be the pioneering purveyors of Elephant POOPOOPAPER™, Cow POOPOOPAPER™, Horse POOPOOPAPER™, Donkey POOPOOPAPER™, Moose POOPOOPAPER™ and Panda POOPOOPAPER™ products.  POOPOOPAPER™ products are fun, eco-friendly and inspirational and make an incredibly memorable gift that are likely to be talked about for years to come.  POOPOOPAPER™ products include journals, notepads, albums, frames, bags, stationery, greeting cards, calendars, diaries etc. in dozens of styles, colors and themes. 

Take your time to explore our site and our POOPOOPAPER WEBSTORE called ‘THE POOTIQUE’ (internally known as THE PLOP SHOP).  Read about our production process, view some of our fan mail, learn how we support worthwhile causes that share our commitment to conservation and understand how our organization is genuinely committed to fair trade principles in a direct, real, verifiable and substantial way!